IWAYA INC. is a company that "creates a future yet to be seen" for mankind with new technologies.


In Takashi Tachibana's famous book "Return from Space (1983)", many cases are reported of astronauts who had the opportunity to view the life on Earth, the planet of life, from a high altitude, and whose lives changed drastically after their return. Looking at the Earth from the outside. This experience alone has the potential to transform our world view.

In recent years, space exploration has gained momentum in many countries, and various ways of interacting with space, including for tourism purposes, have begun to be proposed, rather than the national missions of the past. However, as of 2024, most of them are still only open to a very limited number of people (financially or physically).

IWAYA INC. has developed technology that makes it possible for anyone to go on a space expedition easily and conveniently, without any special training and with only a cost that anyone can afford if they work hard. We are developing and commercializing this technology on a daily basis with the aim of taking everyone from infants to the elderly to the stratosphere, the "gateway to space", in other words, to "establish space tourism".


Chief Executive Officer
Keisuke Iwaya

Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Intelligence Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University.
Inventor, scientist and author

In 2011, while studying aerospace engineering at university, started research and development of balloons; commercialised around 2014, established IWAYA INC. in 2016; in 2020, started development of manned balloons, and in 2023, succeeded in stratospheric flight.

Balloons are a rational means of realising the dream of 'seeing space' and a new method that is safe, stable, economical and sustainable. It will bring the view of space to far more people than ever before.


(as of 1 July 2024)

  • Head office 26-12, Oasa-nakamachi, Ebetsu, Hokkaido 069-0854, Japan
  • Ebetsu R&D center A, 26-22, Oasa-Nakamachi, Ebetsu, Hokkaido 069-0854, Japan
  • Creative Department 4-11, Oasahigashimachi, Ebetsu-shi, Hokkaido 069-0852
  • Tokyo Office X-NIHONBASHI, 1-5-3 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022, Japan
  • Established 1 April 2016
  • Capital 50.42 million yen
  • CEO Keisuke Iwatani
  • Employees 79
  • Official website https://iwaya.biz/en

Board members

  • CEO Keisuke Iwaya
  • Director Toshihiro Nakazono
  • Outside director Toru Akaura
  • Outside director Harunori Nagata
  • Auditor Yoshikazu Yamashita
  • Auditor Yasuhiro Shinohara (former Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
  • Auditor Hiroaki Rokugawa
  • Executive Officer Raita Naka (Creative Department Manager)
  • Executive Officer Takashi Suzuki (Head of Tokyo Office)
  • Advisor Akira Nakadai
  • Advisor Hidetaka Saeki
  • Advisor Ikewaki Accounting Office

Business activities

  • Operation of high-altitude manned balloons
  • Design and development of pressurised cabins
  • Development of life support systems
  • Pressurised suit design and development
  • Long-range communications equipment development
  • Unmanned balloon payload research and development
  • Balloon launch equipment development
  • Zero-pressure balloon design and development
  • Super-pressure balloon research
  • Hydrogen balloon research and development

Intellectual property acquisition status

  • Patent No. 6932408 Airtight cabin for manned space excursions
  • Patent No.7118467 Means for photographing airborne objects in the air
  • Patent No.7013059 Endoskeleton type cabin
  • Patent No.7007005 Power transmission mechanism by magnetic connection
  • Patent No.6994795 Anchor parachute
  • Patent No.7071771 Constant temperature device under vacuum
  • Patent No.7153408 Exhaust and parachuting of a balloon
  • Patent No.7177562 Suspension string attachment method from a balloon
  • Patent No.7164261 Convertible zenith member
  • Patent No.7213600 Repairing method of cabin hole in emergency
  • Patent No.7246797 Structural member of balloon zenith
  • Patent No.7201284 Multiple window structure
  • Patent No.7201285 Sheet suspended inside a cabin
  • Patent No.7309238 Helium gas recovery method
  • Patent No.7343934 Structure of hanging string from a balloon
  • Patent No.7425518 Life support device mounted in a cabin
  • Patent No.7416506 Structural member used at the zenith of a large balloon
  • Patent No.6966826 ZL 2021 1 1345591.2 Pinching member for balloon
  • Patent No.7071770 US118,586,42 Condensation prevention device under vacuum
  • Patent No. 7031920 US117,949,06 ZL 2022 1 0181116.4 Thermal management using phase change
  • Patent pending Structure of airtight cabins
  • Patent pending Thermal management method for airtight cabins
  • Patent pending Means of communication between balloon and ground
  • Patent pending Method of maintaining the environment inside the cabin
  • Patent pending Method of disconnecting equipment outside the cabin from the airtight cabin
  • Patent pending Method of operating equipment outside the cabin from an airtight cabin